» Death toll of Mogadishu attacks rises 30 as Security forces end operations
Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Death toll of Mogadishu attacks rises 30 as Security forces end operations


Alshabaab attacks in Mogadishu ended on Fiday night after 30 people were killed in two car bomb blasts followed by gunfire, Security ministry confirmed.

The first blast which was probably suicide bomb occured near Dorbin Hotel as followed by another one near Somalia’s presidential palace.

The spokesman for security minister,Abdiaziz Hildhiban confirming of the attacks said the security forces killed five Alshabaab militants.

“The security forces foiled Alshabaab attack which could have cause more casualties. The foiled attack happened at Sayidka street. there were explosions near Dhagaxtur monument and Dorbin Hotel. The security forces managed to killed five attackers ” said Hildhiban.

According to the medics, over 25 people were killed in the twin car bomb blasts.

The director of Aamin Ambulance Service, Abdirahman Abdulqadir said their ambulances ferried 25 bodies and 20 injured people.

“We have ferried 25 bodies and 20 people were wounded in the blasts,” Abdulqadir told the media.

Mogadishu mayor, Abdirahman Omar Osman who visited the victims of the blast as they were undergoing treatment at different hospitals said the victims of the blast near Dorbin Hotel were people returning from returning from Lido Beach.

” The blast at Ex-Bar Fiat (Dorbin Hotel) came a time when many young people were coming back from the beach as it was Friday, therefore several of the young people were injured the attack,” Osman explained.

Alshabaab immediately claimed the responsibility for the attacks saying they killed 15 soldiers in Friday’s attack.

“Two operations including two car bomb martyrdoms went on around the presidential palace and a national security forces’ base called Habar Kadija,” Alshabaab military spokesman Abdiasis Abu Musab told Reuters.

Sources: HOL, Reuters and SONNA

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